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Winter Essentials For Every Renter

By October 26, 2020 No Comments
A woman blows snow from her fingerless gloves.

It’s late October, temperatures are dropping fast, and native Idahoans know what that means: winter is rapidly approaching! With snow in the forecast in the next few weeks for higher elevations and this winter expected to be especially fierce, it’s important to prepare early for the inevitable frosty Idaho winter. By now you’ve taken steps to prepare your home for the colder months, but do you have the essentials on hand to make this winter more convenient for you?
To help you avoid being derailed by the expected winter weather, the team at DJW has put together a list of winter essentials to have on hand to navigate the coming months!

Buy a Snow Shovel Now!

With some sources reporting that this winter could be another Snowmageddon, now is a good time to make sure that your snow shovel is up to the task! If you don’t have one, definitely don’t wait; once the snow really falls they can be almost impossible to find in Treasure Valley stores! You’ll need this shovel to clear your sidewalks and possibly dig out your car so you can go about your daily business, so you definitely don’t want to find yourself without one when there are several inches of snow on the ground!

You WILL Need Ice Melt

Even if there isn’t a heavy layer of snow on the ground, winter in Idaho still brings plenty of moisture and freezing temps, so a thick layer of ice is not uncommon! Investing in a supply of ice melt is an absolute necessity to make it through an Idaho winter. You’ll need it for your sidewalks, for your porch, for your outdoor stairs, and possibly for your driveway. If you have kids or pets, be sure to buy the pet-safe stuff!

Look Into Snow Tires and/or Sandbags

With snow and ice arriving in the next few months, now is the time to start considering preparing your car for winter, too. A set of snow tires or even really good all-weather tires can make the difference between making it safely to your destination or sliding all over the road. If you find that you have trouble gaining traction to move from your parking place, sandbags can prove a blessing; you can also use some of your ice melt!

Update Your Roadside Emergency Kit

Even with those new tires, sometimes things just happen. In case you run into car trouble or experience an accident while driving in winter weather conditions, it is a good idea to update your roadside emergency kit with winter emergency items. Gloves, a hat, boots, thick socks, and other items could be life-saving in rural Idaho if you find yourself in a bad situation and don’t have cell phone service!

Know Your Tenant Responsibilities

When winter sets in, there can be some confusion about who is responsible for what in a rental home. Be sure to read your lease thoroughly, and if you still have questions contact your property manager! They can answer any questions about who is responsible for snow removal and any other winter concerns not addressed in our tenant services.