Property Management in Boise Idaho

Property Management in Boise, ID

If you’re looking for the best in rental property management, whether it’s for a single family home or a complex of apartments and condominiums, DJW Property Management is here for you in Boise, Idaho.

Who We Are

At DJW Property Management based in Eagle, Idaho we offer residential management services all around the Boise area. Our property management in Boise includes:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Duplexes
  • Townhomes
  • Condos
  • Apartments

How We Help

At DJW Property Management we handle all aspects of rental property management in Boise, Idaho. Everything from advertising of the property to maintenance and supervision of the grounds, we offer full service rental management. Rest assured DJW Property Management has your best interest in mind. We know how expensive and time consuming it can be for property owners to maintain a rental home while trying to live their life. Finding reliable tenants who will pay their rent on time and not destroy the home is a challenge for landlords everywhere.

What We Do for You

With DJW Property Management services, you’re protected from the nightmares of bad renters. We thoroughly screen potential tenants by:

  • Perform state and national background checks
  • Check credit reports
  • Confirm a tenants’ rental history
  • Check for evictions and other negative rental history
  • Screen for criminal background and sex offender registry
  • Verify employment by contacting current employer

Our goal is to manage 100% of the work when it comes to handling your property so you can focus on handling your life. We strive to provide you with reliable long-term tenants because we know an empty house costs you money.

Low Vacancy = Higher Income

Hiring our property management services in Boise guarantees your property will be occupied by tenants you can trust to pay their rent on time. If there’s ever a month where a renter fails to pay rent, you don’t pay us for that month. We work hard to make sure you have no worries regarding your property. We know how to keep vacancies low because we understand how the market works in our area. Being knowledgeable of when renters are looking for a home means we are first to provide the best properties available in the Boise area.

Always in the Know

Best of all, at DJW Property Management we provide online services that let you, the property owner, see all of the activities involving your property 24/7. There’s nothing worse than being a property owner and not knowing what’s happening at your property. You’ll have access to information about maintenance requests, work orders, and other pertinent information regarding the tenant and your property. By having our property management company handle your rental, your job as a landlord will be easy and worry-free.

Experts in Our Field

At DJW Property Management, we research the market trends and changes to ensure you get the most from your rental property. We monitor every aspect involved in getting your property rented, from keeping tabs on the number of calls and showings to the number of applicants who have viewed your listing. We make adjustments based on market values of comparable properties to make sure factors are not negatively impacting your property’s rentability. We review the following details to be certain your property doesn’t sit empty:

  • Rent Price Comparisons
  • Presentation of the Property
  • Marketing of the Property via Local Media, Referral Programs, and Yard Signs

We’re Here for You in Boise

We know how important your property is to you and we work hard to give you the best property management service available in Boise, ID. It is our goal to establish a trusting relationship based on respect and dedication to ensure your property is in good hands. We work with each property owner on an individual basis because no two situations are exactly the same. We created a system that addresses every issue involved in property management so that you can be certain we’ve got you covered.