Property Management in Star, ID

Are you looking to rent a home in Star? DJW Property Management offers a host of rental properties for every family size and budget. Living in Star is great; DJW Property Management will make your home search in Star a snap.

Why Choose Rental Property Management In Star

Star, Idaho has natural beauty in spades. It also has beautiful residential properties that attract people seeking a clean, quiet environment. For this reason, Star has grown from 1,795 in the 2000 census to 5,793 in the 2010 census. With the growth that rapid, new housing is in demand. DJW Property Management proudly provides rental property management services in Star for both renters and landlords.

Many people are curious about how Star got its name. Wagon train drivers in the 19 th century named it Star because they used the star on the schoolhouse to differentiate east from west. In modern times, Star is known for its historic downtown, incredible scenery, good schools, and growing economy.

With the town growing, Star provides a boon for real estate investors. Opportunities include single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, condos, and apartments. To make real estate investment opportunities reach their potential, investors need professional rental property management company in Star.

DJW Property Management handles all of your property management needs. Our commercial real estate pros recommend ways to enhance your property’s value with improvements that also boost rental income. Talk to DJW Property Management about a strategy for value enhancement.

Landlord Services In Star

Landlords in Star, Idaho turn to DJW because of our service. We provide active management that handles all the details, like reconditioning and showing units. Star landlords agree that DJW property management provides them with worry-free property management services.

DJW handles all your Star, Idaho property management needs, including the following:

  • Finding tenants.
  • Screening tenants.
  • Handling maintenance.
  • Marketing properties.
  • Conducting property inspections.
  • Collecting rent.

Finding tenants. DJW finds quality tenants for its landlord clients. Our property management advertises your available units and handles all inquiries. Using DJW provides an enormous savings versus a real estate agent or taking on the hassle of renting the units yourself.

Screening tenants. Bad tenants are often worse than no tenant. Unpaid rent, evictions and property damage destroy cash flow and lower property values. Plus, non-paying tenants prevent you from renting to a reliable tenant. Tenant screening includes the following:

  • Criminal and terrorist background checks.’
  • Credit check.
  • Rental history verification.
  • Income verification.

Our process ensures that the tenant can afford the rent and will take care of the property.

If a tenant we place in your property fails to pay rent or breaks the lease, we will re-rent it at no additional cost.

Handling maintenance. Don’t like the idea of the middle of the night maintenance calls? DJW handles our client’s maintenance requests, including emergencies like broken furnaces in the middle of summer. Our network of Star maintenance pros is ready for anything.

Property Inspections. Property inspections provide an opportunity to perform the maintenance that saves DJW clients money. We also fix any problems, so the next tenant has a positive experience.

Rent collection. We provide online rent payment to make life easy for the tenants. In addition, we contact tenants regarding any late payments. DJW Property Management employs a legally compliant and effective collection process, which includes proper legal notifications. Following Idaho and local regulations is very important if we are forced to file for an eviction.

Prospective Tenants

Has Star, Idaho captivated you with its beautiful scenery, relaxed lifestyle and historic downtown? As the premier property management company in Star, DJW property Management handles rental properties for landlords all across the city. Our clients provide every type of housing:

  • Single-family residences
  • Duplexes
  • Townhomes
  • Condos
  • Apartments

DJW offers all types of residential homes and a wide variety of price ranges. Why spend countless hourscalling around when DJW offers one-stop shopping? Moving to a new home is exciting when you work with DJW Property Management. If you are looking for a beautiful Star, Idaho home, contact DJW Property Management.