Property Management in Caldwell, ID

Choosing a rental property management company is a critical decision in your effort for greater financial freedom and so we highly encourage you to take your time and make a well-researched decision.

How “Passive” is Your Rental Property Income?

Isn’t that one of the main reason you decided to invest your hard earned cash into real-estate? Or at least why you might be thinking about it? What many property owners come to realize when they want to put their property to work in order to generate some cash flow is, it’s a lot of work to manage a rental property.

The Darkside of Property Management

Now if you live in Idaho and own or are involved with property management in Caldwell or are looking into it, be certain that it truly has the potential to change your life. However, what many don’t realize is how much work it takes to manage even one property. Let alone multiple.


  • You have to understand the local rental market in order to set a competitive rental rate while keeping in mind your financial goals.
  • Now you have to market your property and find potential tenants.
  • Once you (hopefully) have some potential tenants lining up you have to screen them properly to make sure they aren’t tenants who will cause you grief in the future.
  • This involves criminal background checks, rental history checks, credit checks and that’s if you’re keeping it basic.


  • Now that you have a tenant there are new responsibilities that arise.
  • You have to be available to take care of any maintenance issues that are bound to arise.
  • You need to make sure you stay on top of collecting your checks every month and dealing with late payments and enforcing those policies.

General Housekeeping

There are many more tasks that need to be kept in mind that relate to running any business, which make no mistake, is what you are doing when involved in property management.

  • Routine property inspections and maintenance
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Value enhancement
  • Paying your bills and taxes
  • Income reports

Is There a Solution?

There is a great question, and it’s one we can happily answer for you! One of the best solutions for this problem is outsourcing your rental property management in Caldwell or in one of the many other cities in Idaho like Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna or Nampa DJW Property Management operates in.

We also offer management for multiple property types:

When you partner with us your rental properties become a source of true passive income! At DJW Property Management in Caldwell Idaho we take care of all of the tasks outlined above and more, but what’s just as important is that we do it effectively, professionally and with the highest levels of dedication and commitment. Managing properties is what we do, by working with us you can come closer to achieving true financial freedom.

At DJW Property Management we intentionally developed our pricing model so that we make our money when you make your money, and we are always incentivized to increase your earnings from your property. Because of this pricing model and our commitment to doing good business we treat your property as if it’s our own. This means we are constantly striving to maintain tenancy in your properties and maximize your profits. Please look through this breakdown of our pricing model and services to have a better understanding of what you’ll get when working with our company in Caldwell, Idaho.