Property Management in Eagle Idaho

Property Management in Eagle, ID

At DJW Property Management we offer rental property management in Eagle as well as many other cities in Idaho such as Boise, Meridian or Star at an incredibly competitive rate. Please look through this breakdown of our pricing model and services to have a better understanding of what you’ll get when working with our rental management company.

The Story of Rental Property

Why rental property is the best investment? Consider the fact that just since 2004 home ownership rates have dropped by 9%! Today we are experiencing the lowest rates of home ownership in close to 5 decades. It would take far too long to go into detail of all the reasons why this may be happening, but the numbers tell us that people are not buying homes as much as they used to.

Prices are going up but many Americans feel that their paychecks aren’t able to keep up anymore. If people aren’t buying homes as much, where do they live? The answer to that question is where your opportunity lies. They’re renting. They want the freedom to move around and to delay certain decisions. In fact, in the last ten years even baby boomers have started to make a shift with over 4 million entering the rental markets.

Your Investing Opportunity in Eagle, ID

If you’ve been considering investing into real estate, owning and managing rental properties in Eagle Idaho might be something worth looking into for you.

The Benefits of Rental Property in Eagle:

  • Increased cash flow from monthly rent checks
  • Security that comes with having a property you can always return to
  • Potential for property value appreciation as time goes, this way you can buy a property, rent it out to have a stream of cash flow in the short term and then sell it down the line if you want
  • A potential for a mostly passive income stream if you play your cards right
  • Tax benefits that allow you to write off many expenses related to your rental property

Owning any rental property requires calculation and careful analysis but when done right it can really open up options for you and your families.

Eagle Rental Property Management

One of the biggest challenges to owning a rental property is the management of the property. Who manages the property is really important. If you rely on a property management company such as DJW Property Management you can rest assured that you will be getting the best service at a competitive price. Our team is comprised of professionals in the field of residential property management in Eagle, Idaho. We handle everything from advertising of the property to maintenance and supervision of the grounds. We have built a sophisticated system of balances to ascertain the needs of your property and maintain your satisfaction with our rental management services.