Keep Your Home Cool Without Central AC

By May 26, 2020 No Comments
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We’re on the brink of summer in the Treasure Valley and shortly behind will come to the annual temperature spikes into the high 90s and low 100s. Escaping the heat can seem almost impossible, but whether you’re looking for a cooling solution when your rental lacks central air conditioning or you’re trying to keep summer utility costs low, here are some quick and easy ways to beat the heat!

Temporary AC Solutions

When it comes to a lack of central air conditioning, the obvious solution is to find an AC alternative. Enter temporary, removable air conditioning solutions. A classic window unit can typically be the most efficient, but you’ll want to make sure that you get the right one(s) for your space. Energy-efficient models can even have a fairly low impact on your power bill!
Another alternative that is becoming more and more popular: portable air conditioners. Portable AC units can be especially helpful in a small space or if you have a target area (like your favorite chair or the desk in your home office), and come with a hose to make outdoor ventilation a breeze! (Pun 100% intended!)
If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can always go the classic fan route; with a little planning, the right placement, and the right oscillating or box fan, you can get some decent results!

Keep the Sun Out

It may seem odd, but by keeping your windows shut tight and your shades or curtains closed during the day, you can help to eliminate some of the excessive heat in your home. As a reflective surface, your windows serve to help magnify the focus of the sun, bringing heat into your home. When you block out that sunlight, you help diminish the effects! As an added bonus if you do have an AC unit or central air: keeping your windows covered can actually help to reduce the cost of your air conditioning by as much as 25%!

Take Advantage of The Night Breeze

Just as keeping your windows closed during the day helps to keep the heat out, when you open them in the evening, it can release the heat that has collected inside from the day and invite a cool breeze into your home to help fight the heat that will come the next day! Even in a valley, the Boise area is still at a decent elevation and in the middle of a desert ecosystem, so that means we can enjoy a good temperature drop in the evenings to balance out the day’s heatwave.

Skip the Oven

It’s no secret that using your oven, or even your stovetop, releases extra heat into your home. While that little boost of warmth is welcome in the chill of the fall, winter, and early spring months, it’s the last thing you want when it’s already muggy. Turn instead to some great kitchen tools. It’s a misconception that a Crock-Pot/slow cooker is only good to use in the winter! There are also the newer, all-purpose kitchen appliances to help you out: turn to your trusty Instant Pot or even to an air fryer to minimize the excess heat!
And, of course, there’s the traditional summer staple: the barbeque grill. Investing in a grill may be one of the best purchases you’ve ever made, and you can even get larger ones that come with a stove burner, or smaller ones that you can store in a closet when not in use, making them perfect for private home and apartment living alike! Living in a complex and you’re not sure if there are restrictions for grills in your shared space? Contact your property manager to find out!