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How to Keep Summer Utility Costs Low

By August 28, 2019 August 30th, 2019 No Comments
Neighborhood during the hot summer months

We all do what we can to keep costs low during the summer months. Even Idaho Power is doing its best to keep costs as low as possible for the community with another decrease in rates for the second consecutive year. Although, sometimes after all our efforts, we receive that utility bill at the end of the month and are still blown away by how expensive it is.

In an effort to keep costs low, we want to help you analyze where most of your money is going to and how to adjust yourself towards more cost-effective habits.

1. Look at Your Energy Bill

All too often we just think that turning off the lights will resolve our energy bill needs. Yes, turning off lights will decrease your costs but look more into where your energy is being used. In the summer, we all know that our energy bill rises because of air conditioning needs. On top of that, consider what you are plugging in regularly because certain appliances can consume a surprising amount of electricity.

2. Off-Peak Hours

Another important element in minimizing your utility bill is to look at what hours your power provider lists as peak hours. Intentionally using your energy and electricity outside of those peak periods will cut costs as well. Most providers consider “off-peak” between late night and early morning. Running laundry, dishes, irrigation, and watching entertainment/television between these hours should give you a sigh of relief when viewing your bill.

3. Air Conditioning Alternatives

When the triple-digit temperatures hit, it can be nearly impossible to avoid using your air conditioning all the time. We are not going to tell you to turn your A/C unit off for the summer because that defeats the point in having it! However, some little tricks that can limit your energy usage.

Natural light can be a great way to liven up a room but keeping your blinds shut during those blisteringly hot days will shade your home and retain that hard-earned cool air for your home throughout the day. This is especially important during the hours when the house or property will be empty. Taking advantage of quality fans is also an easy way to maintain that cool air without keeping your A/C unit running day and night.

Service Requests

For those of you that are renters, service requests on appliances or units that aren’t functioning to their fullest capacity can also help your monthly bill. If an individual unit isn’t operating at its best, the costs to keep your home’s temperature at a tolerable level can skyrocket. Contact your property management company to start the process to get your appliances checked.