What Do Ride-Shares Mean For Idaho Properties?

By July 24, 2019 No Comments

As many homeowners know, the unexpected comes up. Whether it arises from plumbing, tenant conflicts, or something like a mail mix up, it is in the interest of all involved parties to find a course of action or resolution. That said, ride-sharing has extended beyond the likes of traditional vehicles and into an era of the motorized scooter. So as public, private, and professional have begun to intersect through the ride sharing businesses, working together to sort out of the interests of the greater community, as well as smaller neighborhoods, is of utmost importance.

Treasure Valley No Parking Zones

Fortunately for the Treasure Valley, the scooter companies are working with the local leadership and community partners. The goal of these interactions is to determine which areas are high impact based on foot traffic and street traffic as well as institutional and private party requests. If an area is deemed too busy or unavailable for parking then the respective company will place a geomarker on their application to notify scooter users not to complete their rides in those areas. Areas that have approved “dead” zones, “no parking” zones, or “red areas” are generally on or around:
● School zones
● University campuses
● State or Federal properties
● Populated pedestrian areas
● Private communities
● Other residential zones

Due to their lasting popularity in the valley, the City of Boise and the City of Meridian have been working in tangent with the three available e-scooter companies in the area for organization and regulation. This cooperation has included provisions for public education, undocked vehicle management, and even city licensing structures.

Resident Involvement

Residents, citizens, as well as home and business owners can also get involved. There are opportunities to report misuse, notify of a found scooter, as well as make a request to have your property identified as a no parking zone. Property managers may also be able to coordinate this for you depending on the terms of your agreement on services. These requests and notices must all be communicated to each individual company because they are privately-organized, commercial enterprises.

Homeowner Rights

It is important homeowners address the appropriate company for comments related to devices or users. As far as requests about zoning are concerned, individuals will also need to contact each company specifically and meet their respective requirements because Lime, Bird, and Spin are retain different policies.

With so many Idahoans adopting ride sharing in more highly populated areas, areas near school campuses, or in downtown zones, there have been increased laws and regulations. This can also present opportunities for homeowners, property owners, renters and even property management services to protect their land, equity, and other assets.