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Best Fall Décor Stores for Your Rental: Treasure Valley

By October 8, 2019 October 16th, 2019 No Comments
Fall Decor for your Boise Property Management

Are you obsessed with the fall season and can’t wait to splurge on some décor? Well if you are lucky enough to be renting in the Treasure Valley, then we have an abundant amount of stores that provide rental friendly décor that will boost your holiday excitement.

Spirit Halloween

Feeling spooky? Spirit Halloween has come to the Treasure Valley and has graced us with several store locations. If you have a rental in Nampa, Meridian, Boise, or Eagle, Spirit Halloween is just a quick drive down the street. Not only do they provide costumes, but they also have small gifts relating to all of your favorite Halloween classics.

One of the more rental friendly decorations is their window cling decorations that won’t ruin your mirrors or windows. You wouldn’t want to lose your security deposit trying to have a little bit of Halloween fun.

Bath & Body Works

Not only should your place look the part, but it should also smell the part. Bath & Body Works annually introduces new scents that remind us of all our favorite fall scents like the pines in Coeur d’Alene or grandma’s homemade gingerbread cookies. It’s no wonder they have so many locations for us to take advantage of.

Now some Boise and Meridian property management companies won’t allow candles to be burned, so you may just have to buy some wall plug-ins that will give off the same fall smells. It’s basically the same concept, just without risk of a fire hazard.

Hobby Lobby

There aren’t as many locations for this store as the ones previously mentioned, but if you are looking for the ultimate fall décor store that doesn’t have a lot of gimmicky décor options, then Hobby Lobby is your best friend. They not only have crafts where you can make your own decorations, but they also have premade ones that cost a tad more. Either way, you are still getting your fall décor fix when shopping there.

If you want a more elegant autumn feel for your home, Hobby Lobby supplies you with all the beautiful fall colors using their mix and match floral arrangements. Bring the color changing trees of Boise into your home! Luckily they also provide Command strips, Command hooks and other sticky wall adhesives so your wreaths don’t have to be nailed to the walls of your rental too.


Michaels is another popular craft store that is always running the best décor deals throughout the season. They are also prepped and ready for the winter holidays if you are a plan-ahead sort of person. If your property management company is in Nampa, Meridian, or Boise then you’re in luck because Michaels is located in all three of those Treasure Valley cities. Their online catalog provides a plethora of fall décor ideas perfect for any apartment, home or townhome.

We all know that teachers especially love decorating their classrooms. So, if you are a teacher, senior, or military member they provide special discounts for you if you register a rewards account with them. Even more ways to save for the holidays!

Read the Lease

Not a décor store, just a heads up! It can be hard to pass up a beautiful decoration that would complement your curtains, but don’t do it if you are going to get in trouble. For any property management company in Nampa, Meridian, Caldwell, Eagle, Boise, etc. You get the idea. Reread the guidelines or lease agreement on altering your apartment. It’s not worth losing your security deposit money over a tiny scarecrow decoration that created a hole in your door. If anything, all the craft stores mentioned have great fall décor options that will still give you a taste of what you’re looking for. Have fun shopping!