DIY Spring Decor Solutions

By April 13, 2020 No Comments
A white living room with teal and green accents.

Sporadic rainy days and beautiful fresh flowers at every turn…after our long, dreary winter, spring is in full bloom here in the Treasure Valley! If you rent or own your home, the seasonal shift means that it’s time to update your decor!
Whether your interior design skills are at beginner or expert level, or your budget boils down to a few pennies or an expansive investment, there’s something for everyone when it comes to seasonal decorating. By making the investment in the aesthetic of your space, you may even improve your daily mood and enjoy spending a little extra time at home after the face-lift!

Before You Start: Spring Clean!

The first step to any project? Prepare your workspace! Decorating is no different in this way. Take the time to clean up your home, so that you can start with a fresh, clean base! Dust, scrub, and tidy clutter. You will be able to be far more successful in your decor endeavors! If you haven’t yet, read our spring cleaning tips and tricks blog. It can revolutionize your space!

Use Fresh Cut Florals and Greenery

When you think of spring, you think of tulips. Or daffodils. Or the first little buds of crocuses popping up through the undergrowth and snow…that is to say, you think of flowers! Embrace this inclination when it comes time to decorate for the season.
Fresh flowers and greenery bring a cheery burst of color to your home after all the dull greys of winter. Whether you buy fresh flowers from your local market, get some delivered to support your local floral shop, or cut your own from your personal garden, nothing quite beats the beauty and elegance of a simple spring floral arrangement. If access to fresh blooms is difficult financially or situationally, or if you have allergies, buying faux flowers from the Dollar Store or investing in higher quality silk ones that you can re-use each year is absolutely worth it!

Add a Splash of Color

Take the essence of those florals and apply them to your general design! Pastels like pale pink, sky blue, lavender, and mint green, are all wonderful accents to bring a light pop of color to your home. Even without owning your home, there are different things you can do that don’t include painting a wall!
Update some of your wall art, switch out your curtains, add a few decorative pillows and light throws to your furniture, add a spring tulip wreath to your entry, and enjoy the brightening effect the new, soothing colors add to your day!

Encourage Your Green Thumb

Another way to bring the season into your home? Add a few plants to your decor! This may seem more practical than investing in all of the “frills” of spring and can bring you joy year-round. Start an indoor herb garden for you to use fresh ingredients all year, or get an awesome hanging plant for that one corner that is too small to really hold anything, but needs something. Do you notoriously kill everything you touch? Try one of these houseplants that are almost impossible to kill, and watch even your tragic thumb be green!

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

It’s all about those details! After going through the obvious, consider adding a few subtle touches to really complete the warm, soft spring aesthetic of your dreams.

Choose Scents to Accentuate the Season

You’ve nailed the visual aesthetic, but something is missing. Don’t forget about your sense of smell!
Soothing fresh mint. The sharp tang of citrus. Lilacs and honeysuckle in full bloom. Even sea salt and ocean spray! Depending on where you live and your personal tastes, the smell that says “spring” or sends you the lingering promise of summer can differ but is just as important as the visual effect. Candles, oil diffusers, wax melts, and simmer pots are all great ways to deliver those amazing aromas. Find the right method for you, choose your favorite scent, and enjoy!

Embrace Textures and Patterns

Add a little depth to your home decor by mixing up your textures and patterns. Combine embroidery, a few items with satin finish, sequins, and even canvas in your textile choices to enhance the full effect of your pieces. Choosing an assortment of patterns, including plaids, florals, and solids will finish your rental home’s new spring look!