How to Host Thanksgiving in Your Small Rental

By November 18, 2019 January 7th, 2020 No Comments
A girl with curly hair holding up a dinner plate full of Thanksgiving food, while her family is gathered around the table in her small rental.

Feeling nervous about hosting Thanksgiving this year? Whether you have a small rental for lifestyle reasons, affordability, and or availability, don’t let the size of your family and the amount of food scare you. You’ve got this. With these tips, your Thanksgiving will be more enjoyable this year. Let’s show your family and friends just how charming your place can be.

Rearrange Furniture

In a smaller place, rearranging furniture is a must. If you have the muscle and willpower to move your furniture before the date, I’d recommend that. This way you can see how much room you have to work with. Ensure that there are ample standing and sitting room for your guests. Remember that everyone needs their elbow room!

Foldable Furniture

Invest in foldable chairs and tables. Be sure that they are sturdy and lock properly. No one wants mashed potatoes in their lap because their chair collapsed inadvertently. Messes aside, foldable furniture enables you to store it effectively in a closet or on the patio. You can also dress it up with a themed table cloth to mask the bland surface.

Invest in Decor

It’s amazing how even the smallest amount of decor can set the mood perfectly. Drag yourself down to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and grab some candles and leaves. Create some Thanksgiving ambiance, but don’t put it all on the table. Make use of shelves and other areas surrounding the main gathering section. There are a great number of decor stores in the Treasure Valley, so take your pick!

If You Aren’t a Cook

If you’re the lucky family member who’s been chosen to host then don’t fret. Not everyone can cook a Thanksgiving meal. If anything consider prepping ahead of time. The layout or make a list of the ingredients you will be using. Take into consideration that cooking a turkey can take a while, not to mention it needs to cool and be cut.
Run out of options? There are plenty of local  catering services that will save you all the time and headache of making every dish perfect. This is especially useful if you lack the tools, dishes, and time.

Don’t Buy Everything

It’s tempting to buy every single pie and side dish, everything sounds so good. Also, people are picky but don’t fall victim to buying everything for everyone. It’s safe to say you can’t please them all. That’s ok, cause you’re the host and you’re providing a gathering place to spend time together. Only buy the necessary ingredients for traditional dishes or family favorites. The more you buy the more you have to clean up.

Outside, Inside

Some rentals in Boise and surrounding areas have patios. If that’s the case use this space to your advantage. The weather gets cooler late in the day, so you may want to host dinner a little earlier than usual. Anything to increase the square footage of an eating area is handy. Especially for those of us who have plus 10 people coming over.

Time Sensitive

Now, getting together with the people you love can get rowdy. Especially families with a lot of big personalities in the building. Just be conscious of your neighbors, and the noise level. Some Boise property management companies have quiet hours, so if you start to notice that it is getting late, close the doors and try to maintain the noise level. The party doesn’t have to stop, it is a holiday after all, but I’m sure you’d rather not receive a warning from management the next day.

Narrow Your Guest List

Speaking of having a lot of guests, keep your list shorter this year. It’s ok to not invite everyone and their mom. Sometimes you have to think about the atmosphere, and how attitudes change when being crammed into small places with too many people. It can be rough trying to accommodate a large family, but with the right organization, you should be able to make it comfortable.

Boise Rental Sizes

If you’re fed up with the size of your rental, there are Boise property management companies like DJW that have a good selection of rentals. I wouldn’t recommend moving right away, but if your lease is ending and you’re onto bigger things, I would consider taking a look.