Maintenance Request

A $100 fee will be assessed and you must re-schedule if any of the following occur:

  • Any tenant who makes an appointment, but fails to be at the property during the scheduled time.
  • There is a non-kenneled or unconstrained dog.
  • The key to the property does not work due to changing of the locks by the tenant.
  • There is an underage child (17 or under) unattended at the property.

Before filling out a request look at our Maintenance & How To’s Page!

Please remember that this request should be for non-emergencies only. Our staff will get this message during our normal business hours. If you have an emergency, such as a fire or flood in your home, please call 208-286-0790 to notify the manager on call. For non-emergencies our staff will contact the property owner and follow up with you promptly.

You can help us respond quickly to your maintenance request by granting permission to enter your home using one of our keys. If you choose not to give us permission to enter, please select No below and then select a date and time when you will be home and available to let us in. Please be advised that by selecting a date below you are making an appointment for maintenance.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.