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Why You Need a Real Estate Photographer in 2022

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With 93% of Americans using the internet to shop for homes, it’s no wonder that homes in Canyon County Idaho are selling faster than people can move out! Caldwell, Idaho has become the new hotspot for home purchasing, but homes are going fast!

So how does a realtor keep up with the pace of prospective clients’ internet searching fingers? Their best bet is to hire a real estate videographer and/or photographer.

Hiring a great professional real estate photographer can mean the difference between selling a property in weeks versus selling in months.

When people pursue an investment in real estate, they turn to the internet before seeking out a qualified real estate agent to show the property. They look at real estate photos before wasting their time being shown a property that doesn’t fit their needs. They want to see before they speak to anyone.

Property managers in Caldwell and other major cities in Idaho have had an uprising in home purchases without even taking any physical tours of the home. Homes are being quickly swept up purely based on a virtual tour and real estate photos alone!

Because of this, selling properties requires stunning real estate photos that highlight all aspects of the property in one positive first impression. That impression ensures that prospective buyers/renters won’t look elsewhere for their future homes in Caldwell and will come to you for their home-finding needs.

So, how do YOU ensure a positive first impression?

Well, most successful real estate agents hire professional real estate photographers.

Where Do You Find Real Estate Photographers?

Although real estate photographers seem a dime a dozen, professional real estate photography is hard to come by. A quick internet search of homes available in Caldwell, Idaho will show you that not all homes come with the same standards of artistry when being advertised.

Professional real estate photos should be taken by professional photographers, not just real estate agents using their smartphones. The first step in finding a proficient and skilled photography company to take your real estate pictures is to look online for commercial photography businesses in your area.

Professional Real Estate Photography = More Money for Your Homeowners

Selling real estate is time-consuming enough as it is and in the real estate photography business (or any business for that matter) you get what you pay for.

If you are a real estate agent looking for a photographer it is a best practice to find a photographer who is comfortable shooting real estate photography and who can display a portfolio of real estate shots for your review. Not everyone has the same style so it’s important to look at the photographer’s body of work before hiring for any real estate photography jobs.

Most real estate agencies will choose to either take photos themselves or hire a family friend who may cut them a deal. But again, you get what you pay for!

True real estate photography pricing will range depending on experience, as well as the scope of the project. Most real estate photographers will have a dynamic range of packages available that provide realtors with options so that the real estate photography pricing is reasonable and able to fit the needs of the location.

It makes sense that a small condo in downtown Caldwell will cost less to photograph than a 5-acre, tri-level property towards the outskirts, so ask your photographer for options!

When you choose a package that highlights all the aspects of your listings, it’s a win-win-win for you, your homeowners, and your potential clients. Your homeowners will see the extra care you took to secure quality real estate photography, and therefore continue to recommend and use you as their realtor, and your new clients will rest easy knowing that the home they purchased online is most likely going to resemble the high-quality photos provided.

Lighting is Everything

An easy way to tell amateur photography vs experienced photography is to look at the lighting. Lighting can make or break a photo if not done properly.

There are many tips and tricks that can make any space feel bigger, but lighting is the most important when you are capturing a whole room in one or multiple photos.

With real estate photography, it’s important to make sure that all windows are open, with the blinds up to ensure that interior shots are fully lit. If there is interior lighting available such as light fixtures or lamps, turn them all on!

Don’t have artificial lighting as an option? Add mirrors to the walls and purchase a light bounce to help direct what little natural light you have into the room. This will eliminate shadows and make dark photos bright and happy.

That New Ambient Lighting Trend

You may have heard the buzz about a new real estate photography trend called “Twilight Photos”

This trend has been around in the photography business for eons, but realtors are finding that this particular type of photoshoot presents a unique selling point for their future homeowners.

So what is it?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Golden Hour?” There is a certain magic in the sky when the sun begins to set. Film and television use this time to add love and romance to a scene. In professional photography, the subtle glow of a twilight sun adds warmth, comfort, and safety to a photo. Isn’t that exactly everything your Caldwell home should represent?

A successful professional photographer knows that natural light (mixed with a high dynamic range of flair in the editing room) can sell properties fast! By adding that one photo as a final image of what your house may look like coming home after a hard day’s work, you may have ensured your homebuyer’s purchase!

Another way to accomplish this ambient light technique is with real estate drone photography.

Up in The Air

Real estate drone photography, (aka aerial photography) allows potential buyers to see more than what a simple walk-through can show. Especially if you are looking to purchase a home in Caldwell, Idaho, or other Canyon County cities, it’s important to show your future tenants the entire property- including the acreage.

This can be achieved with real estate drone photography! Many properties in Caldwell have unique features such as farmland, creeks, and neighboring wineries that can all be shown through a bird’s eye view!

A small camera attached to your drone will take any exterior photo to the next level! Other photographers may claim that the exterior real estate photography business is just taking a photo of a house with a garage and a cute walkway.

But quality real estate photography is more than that. It helps capture the entire essence of a property.

Ask About Post-Processing

Once your real estate photographer is done taking your epic real estate images, the job is not done! Light stands, vertical lines, and angles can only do so much for house photography!

If you truly want your real estate photography to stand out, make sure that your photographer is familiar with a photo editing program. These programs have tools that can supplement the raw photos and allow the photographer to add that extra special touch to your real estate photography.

Photo editing software often includes a lens correction tool that can fix common lens flaws such as distortion and perspective. Your photographer may have shot a photo using a wide-angle lens but later sees that another lens would have been better due to the perspective. If you hire a skilled photographer, they will know how to create the best photo without having to reshoot with a different lens.

Looking to Start Your Own Real Estate Photography Business?

If you are selling homes in Caldwell, Idaho, it may be tempting to start your own real estate photography business. After all, there are only a few jobs that allow for that entrepreneurial spirit to flourish and a creative business like real estate photography could be very fulfilling.

But is real estate photography profitable?

Before changing careers, it’s good to know what you’re getting into. As we said before, you get what you pay for. Many photographers have built a social media presence to allow agents like you to easily find and view their work.

Starting a business could be lucrative but it does take time to build your skillset. You will also need the proper tools.

Tools of the Trade

If you do find yourself considering a career in real estate photography in Caldwell, Idaho, there are a few items that every photographer should carry with them in order to achieve the best angle for each shot and be able to tell and sell a house story.

You should invest in wide-angle lenses in order to capture the full exterior of the house as well as have the ability to shoot the same room in one shot instead of fragmented pieces.
Speaking of shots, one of the most important real estate photography tips that every photographer knows is the importance of creating a standard shot list. This shot list will be shown to the hiring agent as well as serve as a blueprint for your photoshoot.

It is a dreadful experience wrapping a photo shoot, getting home to edit, then realizing that a key elemental photo was forgotten- like the wide-angle shots of the backyard waterfall for example. Not fun to forget!

See Something You Like?

Quality real estate photography can truly be a game-changer. For those hoping to get their house sold, the images of your house that you post online can make the difference between getting and losing potential clients. From the exterior shots to interior and close-up shots, there is a wide variety of options for how you want your house displayed online.

At DJW Property Management, we work with many skilled real estate photographers who get our listings seen everywhere! If you’re ready to showcase your listing to the world online, we’re here to help! Contact us to list your rental house today!