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The Best Attractions in Caldwell, Idaho

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Sunset on a canyon vineyard.

Canyon County has become a major hot spot for travelers and people looking to relocate their homes. Due to the increasing popularity of Idaho, many people are venturing further and further from Boise and searching for affordable housing that maintains the integrity and charm that Idaho is known for.

So where in Canyon County can they find such a place?

Caldwell, Idaho.

In the past, Caldwell was best known for its cowboys and dirt roads. The small frontier town didn’t get too much attention 10 years ago, but recently, the explosive growth in Idaho’s population has given Caldwell a bit of a makeover.

Now more than ever, there are multiple unique things to do in Caldwell, Idaho. We’ve decided to highlight just a few:


Those looking to visit or move to Caldwell, or the Canyon County in general, would find that travel guides such as Expedia group company list the Snake River Valley wineries as one of the top attractions drawing people to Caldwell.

The rich, volcanic soil makes the Snake River Valley a perfect place for agriculture. In fact, the Snake River Valley is one of America’s oldest wine regions west of the Mississippi River.

The Sunnyslope Wine Trail, part of the Snake River Valley, is occupied by over 15 wineries and has been voted one of the Top 10 best wine tours in the country by USA Today.
Sunnyslope Wine Trail offers day tours of all the great wine vineyards that overlook Lake Lowell and beautiful mountain views.

The most popular places to test the Caldwell region grapes are listed below.

Hell’s Canyon & Zhoo Zhoo

Hell’s Canyon & Zhoo Zhoo Winery is one of the oldest wineries in the Northwest. They have over 35 years of vintage wines and host a variety of wine tastings, making this winery one of the more popular places to enjoy in Caldwell.

An added highlight of this winery is its flower garden. This walkable area overlooks the beautiful mountain views, has a tire swing hanging from a tree, and has a little tea garden perfect for photos and quiet time.

Ste. Chapelle Winery

As the largest winery in the region, and a favorite to locals alike, Ste. Chapelle Winery is known for its soft reds and huckleberry wines. Summer night events include live music, wine tasting, and even weddings that will leave guests in awe of their experience.

Sawtooth Winery

Founded in 1987, the Sawtooth Estate Vineyard prides itself on “bottling the mystique” of Idaho and the spirit of adventure.

Complete with a boutique-style tasting room that overlooks the Owyhee Mountains, Sawtooth Winery has achieved multiple awards for its wines including “US Best Riesling” in Wine & Spirits, a Top 100 Best Buy of the Year for its Riesling in Wine Enthusiast; a 91-point and Top 100 Best Buy Syrah in Wine & Spirits.

Koenig Vineyards

If you are a fan of big and bold red wines, then Koenig Vineyards is the place for you. Central to the Sunnyslope Wine Trail District in the Snake River Valley, this vineyard provides the perfect site for great views and slow-ripened wine.

Their tasting room overlooks the beautiful and vast vineyards. They also have fun activities for the kids such as giant yard-chess to keep children occupied while the adults enjoy the views of the vineyards.

Of course, group and individual wine tours are not the only fun things to do in Caldwell Idaho. You can also explore Downtown Caldwell which is full of history and unique places to shop.

Historic Sights of Caldwell

Pioneers of old and antiquated country railroads filled the city with a rich history special to this once one-horse town.

Originating as one of the smaller cities in Canyon County, Caldwell has grown significantly over the past few years. Just a 30 minute drive from Boise, Caldwell property managers are having a hard time keeping up with rentals and sales in the area.

In fact, the Canyon County Historical Society takes extra strides in order to ensure that there are plenty of attractions for people who seek adventure and culture in Caldwell. Making this town one of the more popular places to visit or move to that has kept its extraordinary historic preservation.

If you happen to find yourself on a search for fun things to do in Caldwell, a great start is to find your way to the College of Idaho for access to daily tours of museums and the classic Whittenberger Planetarium.

Our Memories Indian Creek Museum

Take a step back in time to the medical office of Dr. John Finck- built in the 1950s. This attraction has over 30 exhibits that showcase rooms and labs filled with antiquated tools that give you a glimpse into the past.

Our Memories Indian Creek Museum is best known for its focus on natural history and houses archives of newspaper clippings and books. If you are in search of specific historical information, this is a great place to start.

Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History

Ranked as one of the 30 most amazing higher education natural history museums, the Orma J. Smith Museum is one of only four natural history museums in Idaho. It is located in the Boone Hall of Caldwell’s College of Idaho.

The Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History displays a variety of hidden gems (we are the Gem State after all) and fossils from ancient Egypt that found their way to Caldwell.

Whittenberger Planetarium

The Whittenberger Planetarium is another one of the many fun things the Boone Hall of the College of Idaho has to offer. The planetarium projector sits beneath a 24-ft dome and shows the night sky underneath a digital overlay.

The projector allows the sky to be viewed from different angles and locations all around the world and is open for student tours.

Shop and Explore Downtown Caldwell

Things to do in Caldwell start in the center of the city at the Indian Creek Plaza.

If you are looking for rare and exclusive places to shop, the local merchants of Caldwell can help you out. Idaho soap company, for instance, is a well-known local soap shop that uses all organic products that are locally sourced.

Expensive items and cheap bobbles alike, the Indian Creek Plaza has something special for every budget. Be sure to check out the lively bars and eateries while visiting.

Steele Legacy Honey and Crafts

Steele Legacy Honey and Crafts is a family-operated business that has been around for three generations of beekeepers. Honey tastings are part of Caldwell’s Farm to Fork movement offering opportunities to shop and taste honey straight from the bee farm tours.

You can taste their honey at events held at the Indian Creek Plaza.

Badiola Arena

Grab your cowboy boots and head on over the edge of Caldwell, just off Highway 95!

Badiola Arena hosts many of the equestrian riding and rodeo events in the community. Visit the arena to witness the World Series Team Roping and saddle series events. The center features many of the classic “America Things” such as the ICA Rodeo Finals, horseback riding lessons, and horse clinics.

Explore your country-western side and sign up for a variety of equestrian activities.

Babby Farms

Babby Farms is a unique and special place to visit in Caldwell. They are a non-profit organization created to give kids and adults with disabilities the opportunity to see animals from all over the world. The exhibit features many different monkey species as well as other zoo animals.

The attraction is free for kids and adults with disabilities but they do charge additional fees for the general public.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Caldwell has many physical attractions to visit, but when it comes to fun things that don’t involve added fees, the best free way to explore Canyon County is to explore the great outdoors!

Being in the city has its perks, but the mountainous views and seemingly neverending nature sights are one thing that Caldwell property managers and real estate agents can boast about.

Lake Lowell

Take Lake Lowell for instance.

The park is open daily and is ideal for a picnic with the family. The 20-acre lot is equipped with picnic tables, BBQ grills, a disc golf course, and of course, plenty of fishing spots.

The Agventure Trail

Discover the great outdoors and wide-open spaces at the Agventure Trail. For those looking to experience “the simple life,” this unique experience is ideal for kids and groups alike.

The Agventure Trail takes groups through the orchards and farms of the Snake River Valley. It features experiences such as tending to farm animals and picking fresh produce alongside the farmers and ranchers who work the land every day.

Moving to Caldwell?

With such vast varieties of things to do in Caldwell, it’s no wonder that rentals and new homes are being swept up fast. If you are on the search for a property in Caldwell, we recommend visiting DWJ Property Management to help you navigate this booming location.