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Student Renters: Boise Is Ready For You

By September 18, 2019 September 26th, 2019 No Comments
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As we all know, Boise is an incredible place to live. It has reviving summer markets, a varied set of fall events, a charming holiday season in the winter, and a vibrant spring to get you back to the great outdoors. The weather is beginning to cool down, though. This can only mean one thing: we are entering the highly anticipated fall season full of harvest, art, hot air balloon, and even music festivals. There is one thing that is pretty distinct to the Treasure Valley and the Treasure Valley alone. That thing is Boise State Football.

Football Can Do More Than You Think

Even if you are not a big football person or sports fan in general, it is pretty hard to get through a fall day in Boise without seeing something about Boise State. Whether this is a blue Bronco flag hung in your grocery store or a pedestrian walking along the street in a blue and orange hoodie. While Boise State has made a name for itself as a tremendous research institution, most people identify the university based off of its fruitful history as one of college football’s favorite underdogs.

The school’s success on the field has had even bigger consequences for the Treasure Valley as a whole. Because of their winning record in football, women’s basketball, women’s soccer, gymnastics, and even track, more students and families have relocated to Boise and surrounding cities. This has resulted in cap rates increasing for local property owners, according to CBRE via Multifamily Executive. There has also been a boost in quality of life and expectations of living for renters and leaseholders.

Boise Renting Opportunities

While there are definitely more opportunities for students and locals because of the interest in the college, some options simply are not as realistic as others. Fortunately, there are renting options that give renters the support they need and want. With large apartment complexes becoming more prevalent in the area, many renters and students, in particular, are finding quality housing in properties like duplexes, townhomes, and traditional homes near the university.

Find Your New Home with the Broncos in Boise

Beyond the university, living in the downtown area gives you nearly immediate access to a whole host of events. Move into your new Boise home and get some fall activities listed on your calendar. Maybe you can even sneak in one of the three remaining Bronco games this season into your schedule and see the team that put Boise on the map, for football fans and out-of-state movers alike!