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Renting and Holiday Decorating

By December 16, 2019 January 7th, 2020 No Comments

‘Tis the season to decorate for the holidays here in the Treasure Valley! Renting and decorating does not always go hand in hand. Sometimes you may get in trouble with your property manager if you aren’t conscience about your decor. Here are some tips and damage-free tricks on how to deck the halls without wrecking the walls.

No Holes, No Worries

Nails are a thing of the past when it comes to hanging up your holiday decor. Command strips are life-saving for renters that want to decorate their homes but don’t want to worry about potential damage. Command strips are made in a variety of forms ranging from double-sided to hooks strong enough to hold over 20 pounds.
This incredible budget-friendly tool gives renters the chance to make their home truly theirs during the holidays. Just remember to pick up a pack of command strips on your next trip to the store and save money on your security deposit.

Curb Appeal

Nails are not just for inside the house but outside as well. Do you want to hang holiday lights but you don’t want to use nails? Well here is a solution, light clips. These are plastic clips that you attach to your gutters and hang your lights from so you are still in the holiday spirit without the worry of damaging the exterior of your rental.
These can be found online or at any major store like Walmart, Fred Meyer, etc. Make sure you are using outdoor lights and LEDs to save you money when it comes to your electricity bill. And you get more bang for your buck because LED lights are known to last longer.

Where to Start?

Decorations on a budget? Where to begin you might ask. Well, some of the best places to go get holiday decor that is reasonably priced is the Dollar Tree here in the Treasure Valley. They have decorations ranging from garland to ornaments. Another one of the best places here in the valley would be Walmart. They have a great deal on a fake tree that already has the lights on it. They also have a wide variety of heights and prices.
Head to these locations for some holiday decor before they sell out. These are two of the cheaper places that have great holiday decor. If you are looking for more, then Hobby Lobby out in Meridian is your best friend for holiday decorations.

Finishing Touches

Renting and holiday decorating is possible and not as hard as you might think. You can deck your home without the worry of paying for it later. With these tips and tricks you can easily enjoy the holidays without the worry of being fined. Always remember to follow the rules with your Boise property management company, and as a renter, you will be in the clear this year when it comes to holiday decorating.