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Out-Of-State Made Easy

By November 29, 2021 No Comments
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Are you interested in moving to a new city or state? Are you looking to try something new but stressed about the moving process? We are here to help with some tips and tricks to make your move easier! If you are looking in the Treasure Valley area, DJW is the best property management option for you!

Plan Ahead

Moving is a difficult process and tends to be very stressful. It’s important to plan ahead and have everything scheduled and ready to go. That means preparing lists, lists, and more lists! First, figure out your finances and other important things that affect your move. Do you have family or friends to help you pack and get everything organized or will it be a solo job? Do you want to purchase moving insurance? Whatever you decide, it’s important to form a game plan months in advance to feel less stressed as the time approaches.

Delve into the Details

Are you moving one state away or across the country? Depending on the distance, it’s important to decide if you are driving and renting a Uhaul or if you are flying and shipping your items. Moving can be expensive so it’s important to figure out your plan and its details. Do you have pets? Figuring out how you will travel with them and incorporate their needs.
There are also little things you may not have thought about if you are starting a new job, hashing out health care, dental and other benefits. You will need to get on new plans, get new doctors and dentists, and essentially start over. Make sure to change your billing address on everything – so your mail is arriving at your new place. Acquire a new driver’s license and get everything into your new states area!

Clean House

We know it’s hard, but it’s important to deep clean and go through everything in your current home. Do you need the sweater you haven’t worn in 5 years? What about random papers? We all collect clutter and it’s important to go through this before moving so you don’t travel with unnecessary items or have to do it eventually in your new home.
Moving may mean donating or throwing away some items, and discovering what are the essentials you need to bring. If you plan to fly, limiting the crucial items will be important. Good rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn something in 6 months or since the last season – it’s time to donate.
Although you won’t be living there anymore, cleaning the house for the next homeowners is a nice thing to do. Vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the counters so they come into a clean home is respectful and kind. Hopefully your new home is clean and the past homeowners did the same thing.


This is an exciting time! New place, new opportunities and experiences! Researching the customs and traditions of your new home is a good idea. Check out the local/professional teams in your area. Seeing what people do for fun, what the weather is like, how the school districts are, etc are all good things to do before arriving. It can be nerve wracking to get new neighbors and friends, but researching your area will help you feel more confident and comfortable before arriving.
Have you looked into your new company, where others live or what the culture is like yet? Have you visited this new area before, do you know what the vibe is like? Do you know what you are walking into and prepare yourself with relief from some jitters? If not, you will soon find out and have a great new experience.

Join Groups

Nowadays everything is online, including groups with tons of available information. Joining Facebook groups in your area or joining a book club or walking club to get involved is a great way to build connections with others who have similar interests.
If you have children, become friends with other parents in their schools and find some buddies to ask questions and be there for one another. Once you settle in, friendships will form and you will be glad to be where you are.

DJW is happy to help with anything you may need. We pride ourselves on managing safe, well-maintained homes that attract quality renters. We personally oversee residential, single family homes, duplexes, fourplexes, apartment complexes and manufactured home communities. If you are looking for a home in Idaho, check out our rental search function! You’re sure to find a home that suits your needs.