Is Renting During the Winter a Good Idea?

By January 13, 2020 No Comments
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For many, moving during the winter is out of the question. Especially if you are hosting all of the holiday parties at your place. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you are ready to move on to your next rental, consider doing it during the winter. Often times winter disincentivizes the hoards of people wanting to find new housing. For more reasons than one, winter is a great time for renting, and here is why.

Low Demand

As we mentioned before, not many people are wanting to move in the first place. This is completely understandable for families with children. The options out there are not as quick to be snatched up, therefore the pressure to move fast is lower.


If you have lots of things, then hiring a moving company to do the heavy-lifting and packing is a good choice. Moving companies are cheaper during the off-months. Most of these months are during winter. You may also come across move-in deals from property management companies who are eager to fill spots too.

Less Stress

Don’t become discouraged to move during the holidays. Generosity and good feelings are in the air during winter. You may get lucky with a great deal on a rental. The competition is not as fierce as it is in the summer either. You can be a little picky too. If you aren’t hosting any big events at your new place, then taking time to enjoy the parties at your friend’s and family’s places will help take the edge off.


Did you just read “weather”? In winter? Well, truth be told it may be cold, but for finding rentals in Boise, it isn’t so bad. The Treasure Valley does not see crazy snow like the rest of Idaho. In fact, Boise gets 10 less inches of snow than the national average of 28. If you plan accordingly and pay attention to the forecast, then you will only have to deal with the occasional chilly breeze. Plus, moving really gets the blood flowing and sweat forming.

New Year New Life

Have you added a new place to live to your New Year’s Resolution? Winter is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and start living in a new environment. It can be a breath of fresh air moving on from your previous place. You can also take this opportunity to score some awesome decorating deals for your rental.

Finding the Best Property Management

Not only will you be hunting for rentals, but you will also be looking at the companies that manage them. DJW Property Management offers some great rental properties in Boise. You may even find some rentals in Meridian and Eagle as well.

Not only is there a tenant online portal, but a great deal of information is right at your fingertips on their website too. Some property management websites are a nightmare to navigate, but DJW’s is quite user-friendly and gives you all the resources you could ever need. Happy hunting! And Happy Holidays!